HDPE Multi Ducts

With HDPE Multi Duct, the individual HDPE Ducts are enclosed in an additional polyethylene sheathing. They are suitable for direct buried installations and for inserting in existing conduits enabling the configuration capacity to be increased without a problem.


  • HDPE Ducts covered in additional polyethylene sheathing
  • Made from flexible and resilient HDPE, providing superior resistance to damages
  • Different sheath colours for inner tubes
  • Sheathing not jointed to tubes
  • Easy handling while removing the sheath



  • Silicone Inner Lining
  • Custom Marking
  • Smooth or Ribbed Wall
  • Trace wire for location detection

Specifications and Shipping Info

Choose Conduit Size, Wall Type and Wall Ratio

Product Specifications

Nominal OD (mm) 65.5 x 33.5
Duct Size (mm) 32/27
Sheath Thickness (mm) 0.75
Weight (kg/m) -
Bend Radius (mm) 670
Application (DI/DB) DB

Reel Specifications

Reel Type Metal
Reel Size (mm) 2200 x 750
Standart Length (m) 750

Test Compliance

Temperature Range